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About Us

Welcome Kosmeshop :)

Our shop kosmeshop, is a compound word of Korean+Cosmetic+Shop.
kosmeshop is a company that has been selling cosmetics and color lens for 5 years, to Japan and America.
Korea has the world's most impetuous people.  Consumers are always looking
for something new, therefore the manufacturer has to always produce new items.
Kosmeshop will also abide by the flow, and present new products, consistently.
For customers of kosmeshop, we will put all effort based on credit, and trust, not 99%, but 100% to earn their satisfactions.
We will always hope for your visit.

Features of korean color lens sold by kosmeshop

It is very safe
All products use proven colorants, and the coloring used are KFDA-approved pigments that are

harmless to the human body and are the colorants used in the manufacture of color lenses worldwide.
Because it is manufactured by using special coloring method on lens surface,

side effect such as separation of color pigment and de-colorization has been resolved,

therefore can be used more safely.

New Technology Method
Produced by Casting Method for Edge Out method in order to solve the fatigue and feeling of

pressure for eyes produced in color lens, the surface of lens is manufactured with multi curves.
It helps the metabolism of cornea caused by the circulation of tears and reduces fatigue and

pressure even when used for a long period of time.

Eliminates the conditions for inhibition, providing a comfortable fit.

Comfortable fit
It is designed to have a comfortable fit and a fast adaptability, for the first color lens users.

 Also for previous color lens users to not feel any discomfort from the lens.

It eliminates the discomfort caused from the production stage of color lenses, and provides comfort.

If you have any question or request, please contact us.
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Thank you